What is the address of the hotel I am staying at?
Jurys Inn East Midlands Airport
Castle Donnington, Derby, DE74 2SH, T: 0870 4100 800

Radisson Blu East Midlands
Herald Way, Pegasus Business Park, Derby, DE74 2TZ, T: 01509 670 575

Holiday Inn Express East Midlands Airport
Pegasus Business Park, East Midlands Airport, Derby, DE74 2TQ, T: 0871 902 1609

What time does Convestival start and finish?
On Day 1, you should arrive at Calke Abbey at 9:15am for a prompt 10:00am start, and you will be dropped off at your accommodation at the end of the day’s activities. On Day 2, the bus will collect you from your accommodation, leaving at 8:45am, and the event will finish completely at 3:30pm.

Why do you use Calke Abbey?
Calke is centrally located and easily accessible for everyone to get to.
It is one of the few National Trust venues that has enough space to accommodate all of us in one place for this type of event.
And perhaps most importantly we have such beautiful places in the National Trust it makes sense to spend the budget on one of our own properties.The cost for hiring the venue and all the food, which is allocated for this training event, is ploughed back into the National Trust by holding it at Calke Abbey. So of course there is a cost involved but wherever possible we recycling this money within the Trust.

When will I be allocated accommodation?
Accommodation is allocated throughout the registration process, however you will be notified of your hotel just a few days before the event.
Please don't worry if you feel that the event is getting close and you haven't heard yet - we will be in touch before you travel to Convestival.

Do I need to check in at my hotel before arriving at Convestival?
No, we will check you in and hand out room keys at a designated time, you will be advised of this during the day.

Where will I put my luggage when I arrive?
All luggage will be kept in a designated area which will be clearly marked when you arrive. Please label your luggage with the provided labels. PLEASE NOTE: At the end of the day you will be responsible for collecting your luggage before you get on the bus to go to the hotel.

How will I get to the hotel at the end of the evening?
We will provide hotel transfers between Calke Abbey and your accommodation at the end of the night. There will be two buses available, an early and a late.
The late one allows you to enjoy the band and the bar for the evening.

What should I wear?
Convestival is held in the grounds of Calke Abbey, with some inside spaces and marquees. We advise wearing layers and suitable footwear.
Be prepared for all weathers: sun, rain, wind, hot or cold, the Convestival delegate is ready for anything!

Do I need to bring lunch?
No. All food is provided over the two days - there will be a grab-and-go lunch and sit down dinner in the evening. Tea, coffee and cake will be provided throughout the day.
If you have any dietary requirements that you did not let us know about on your registration form, please email us at Convestival@nationaltrust.org.uk

How do I get there?
Calke Abbey’s address is: Calke Abbey, Ticknall, Derbyshire, DE73 7LE.
However, as with some other National Trust properties, the satnav may not take you to the right entrance - so do look out for the trusty oak leaf signs on your approach.
The nearest train station is Derby, which is a half hours drive away.
If you need help with your travel arrangements, please let us know.

Is there space to park at Calke Abbey?
There is a large car park at Calke Abbey which all Convestival delegates are welcome to use.

What do I need to bring?
Enthusiasm! Aside from this and suitable, comfortable clothing, everything else will be provided for you.

Can I share a taxi to Calke Abbey on the morning I arrive?
For Derby Train Station / Airport pick ups please refer to the website taxi page to tell us if you need a taxi transfer.
Taxis will be at pre-arranged times and you will need to sign the list to put your name down for one of the transfers.

Can I share a taxi back to Derby Station / the Airport at the end of the event?
There will be a flipchart on display throughout the event with taxi times and destinations. 
Please write your name under the appropriate transfer at some point during the first day, so that we know how many taxis to book for your return journey.

Will I get any more updates before Convestival?
Yes, please keep an eye on Facebook and your email as updates will be available/sent to both, however if you have any specific questions not answered by this FAQ or on the emails, then please do get in touch using the convectively email address.

Where is the Programme?
The Programme will be posted onto the website a few days before the event.  An email will be sent out to you when it's available.
Convestival's programme is packed full and sessions will overlap each other. 
Once the programme is available please do check it carefully and plan what sessions you would like to attend in ADVANCE of arriving.
If sessions that you are interested in overlap it might be worth co-ordinating with others in your region to see if you can attend different sessions and then share information afterwards so that you're getting the maximum benefit within the timings available.

Do I need to do anything before the event? 
Please complete the survey that will be sent you via email.

What if I can't come after I've been allocated a space?
It is essential that you notify us as early as possible if you are unable to attend for any reason.
Spaces are limited for Convestival and we are always over subscribed, if you are unable to attend your space could be given to someone else.

What if I can't attend on the actual day?
Please avoid this situation at all costs.
If a there is a genuine reason that you cannot attend please get in touch with the Convestival team.
Please note: if you simply do not turn up, your property will be charged with the accommodation, venue and training costs.