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Gemma Jones - Green Academies project (GAP).
Community Impact Guide - A day in the life of a Green Academies Ranger
Community impact Guide (A3)
Community impact Guide with example (A3)

Mike Wilkes - Leading for diversity in our volunteer teams.
Convestival notes from sessions on Volunteer Teams Diversity

Naomi Sullivan - Employee Volunteering.
Quick wins for diversity - The stat attack

Annie Reilly & Sarah Holloway - Open up, listen local
Heritage Open Days Convestival handout

Sharon Collier - Standing firm, standing tall
Standing firm, standing tall

Rebecca Fletcher - Volunteering for all at Birmingham Museums Trust
Volunteering for all at Birmingham Museums Trust

Hannah Whitehead & Rachel Hunter - The Innovation Game
Programming planning checklist

Alison Minshall - The personal touch
Supporting Room Guides to make visits meaningful

Tracy-Ann Smith - Participation
External case study: A participatory approach to improve and ‘diversify’ a volunteer programme